pto president binder kit
printable pto pta president's binder with planning pages
printable pto pta president's binder with planning pages
printable pto pta president's binder with planning pages
printable pto pta president's binder with sign up forms
printable pto pta president's binder with section divider pages

PTA PTO President's Success Kit (Black + White theme)

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When you said yes to being President, you totally thought you’d be handed a binder with everything you needed to know about being President.

Instead, the outgoing President handed you folder of random papers that don’t tell you anything... 

Except for how much the magician cost for the school assembly held 6 years ago. #thanksbutnothanks


So now what? 

Spend hours scouting the internet looking for what you think, maybe, are the right answers?

Always be wondering if there’s something else you ought to know or a resource or done for you form that'll make life easier? 


You don't have time for that, plus you're too smart to waste any more time.

You need the right answers and you need them now!

Enter the President's Success Kit!

Created by someone who's been there (newbie parent turned President) and done that (two time PTA President at different schools), President's Success Kit makes it possible to have a plan and get organized in mere minutes.

The President's Success Kit was created from years of PTA leadership experience.  

I know what it takes to be a successful PTO President because I was one!  

At the end of my first term, my Principal was begging me to stay on.  Teachers raved that they had never seen the PTA run so well.

During my years of volunteering, I’ve come to realize that majority of parent volunteers are just not equipped with the right information to successfully lead their PTA or PTO groups.

Everything I used as President, plus everything I wished I had is all in this comprehensive kit

All of the forms...  

All of the lists...

All of the trackers...

Everything you need to make event planning, officer transitions and fundraising easier than you've ever imagined!  

Here’s what you get with the fillable and ready to print PTA / PTO President's Success Kit that’s customized for the 2019-2020 school year:

162 pages of pure printable organizing bliss!

Set up instructions
Get your planner set up  and customized exactly how you want it in mere minutes!

Binder Cover
As shown or with a customized cover 

8 Section Divider Pages
Provides the structure for the binder!  Find exactly what you need in a mere moments and keep the binder always organized.

Monthly Planning Calendar (not digitally fillable)
2020-2021 Calendar with national holidays and fun observances listed so you'll be able to plan more effectively!

This calendar makes it so simple to get a big picture idea of upcoming events for your PTO, school district, community and more! Each day’s box is a generous size for tons of writing room.  What's more, its electronically fillable using Adobe Reader (free program) in case you'd prefer to type in the information.

10 Beautiful Inspirational Quote Pages
Pretty up your planner with these great pages that will keep you going when you need a little pick me up.  Because scratch and sniff caffeine isn't a thing yet.

Board Member + Officer Summary + Committee Summary
Eliminate any guessing as to specific job responsibilities when not only that information is captured on these sheets, but also the how and when, with other essential information. Quit re-creating the wheel each year now that the right information is passed down!

Event Planner + Event Summary + Event Budget Planner
Space to write down all of the little details that go into planning and executing every event so you won’t have to rely on memory!  This is where most PTOs go wrong.  They rely on information to be passed on telekinetically instead of being organized and having a system to ensure information isn't lost.   Future event planners won’t forget anything since everything will be documented on these forms.

Idea tracking sheets for assemblies, fundraisers, family events + more
Capture ideas on a labeled sheet so you can plan it and develop a deep idea bank.

Volunteer Sign Up Form
Pass around this streamlined sign up sheet at the next meeting with the essential information volunteers need to know in order know if they can help or not.

Officer & Committee Chair Contact List
Get all of your PTO leader’s contact information in one place.

Contact List
Have all of the information for other frequently contacted people (think: building Principal, Superintendent, PTO leaders at other schools in the district, and community partners) right at your fingertips!

Meeting Childcare Sign In
This sign in sheet provides an easy way to track who is using the childcare option during meetings and events, if offered. Simply print and have on hand for when it’s needed!

Event Toolkit Checklists
Two check lists forms. One is filled out with the suggested items to include in every toolkit and one is blank, ready for your customization based on your groups needs.

Membership List
Have members’ names and contact information right at your fingertips!

Account and Passwords Tracker
Save time by having all of your group’s account information listed in one place!

To Do List
Stay on top of tasks with this essential planner page.

President's Annual Planner
Detailed list of exactly what to do each month!  They'll wonder how you knew!

Monthly Reminders
Keep tabs on not only what to do, but when to do it!

Goal Tracker
Set goals and map out how your PTA/PTO will reach them!

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets
Print extra copies of these sheets to have on hand for meetings and give potential volunteers all the information they need to know if they can volunteer!

Meeting Notes, Summer Planning Meeting Notes and Note Pages
Capture every thought and get rid of the random pieces of paper. Have everything in one place! These pages of the planner are super cute and matches the rest of the planner.

** Everything INSTANTLY downloadable 8 ½ x 11 PDF forms that can be printed as many times as you’d like for use with your group!

Note that this kit isn’t editable (no moving around columns, and such) , but it is fillable, meaning you can use a free Adobe program if you have a PC or Apple Preview to type in information before printing! How awesome is that? 

Nothing will be mailed to you. This product is a digital download.  

Also available in a bright and colorful theme.  Same stuff, different design.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given after purchase. Please contact me at christina@ptoanswers with any questions!

Watch this to get a sneak peek of the kit! 

Don't take my word for it! Here's what other PTO/PTA leaders have said about this kit: 

Oh my gosh how I love this! The option of electronic fill-able forms for the things that I would want to keep and have in Google Drive is perfect! It is a clean and elegant way to not only keep a President organized but has the added bonus of inspiration to keep everyone going when the going gets tough!  Another home run! PTO Nerds everywhere will be so grateful for this tool! :) - Karen J.

This is such a great planner. I am new to PTA and this is great for helping me get organized. - Leigh Ann C.

Has all the right stuff to have an organized, successful year. - Tara G.

Love this. It is exactly what you need to get you off and running. Well thought out, organized and easy to use. Thank you!!! - Kelly

Super cute - the PTA President Loved it!! She is excited to get it out at each meeting and it has really helped her feel organized!- Barbara

This is perfect! As my first attempt as President this will certainly keep me organized and on track!! Can’t wait to get started. - Jennife