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Complete PTA PTO Organizing and Planning Collection: PTO in a Box

Complete PTA PTO Organizing and Planning Collection: PTO in a Box

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Could your group use a roadmap for a successful year?

It's hard enough to do your job as a PTO leader without having to figure out what to do.

All you're missing is the right set of tools to be an effective, self-assured and knowledgable leader!

Picture this...

… Knowing exactly what you should be doing in your role
… Having a strategy plan for getting more parents involved
… Having a plan and strategies for every leader in your PTO/PTA.

You'll get all that with this Complete Collection.

Running a PTO / PTA is hard! I know all about that because I've been there too.

As a longtime volunteer and past President, Fundraising Chair, and Membership Chair (to name just a few roles I've had) , I know what it takes to run a successful PTO. I've put together a plan so that you don't have to waste any more time figuring it out on your own.

The Complete Collection replaces overwhelm and stress with solid guidance, strategies and  organization.

Included in the Complete Collection are all of our 17 guides, form, template and binder kits that will set any PTA/PTO up for incredible success for years to come.

Five fundamental areas are covered:

Leadership Development

 PTA PTO President's Success Kit (Color and Black + White versions included)

145 Pages of every resource a President needs.  Put together an organized binder in minutes and have all of the forms, lists and signup sheets need throughout your term right at your fingertips.

How to Run a Meeting for PTA/PTOs 

Leave all questions about how to run an effective board or general membership meeting in one hour or less behind!  This 17 page guide that covers what to do pre-meeting, through the meeting itself, plus what to do post-meeting in a clear step by step manner.

Vice President Binder Kit

19 Pages of everything needed for an organized binder.

Secretary Binder Kit

15 Pages of organizing bliss for your group's Secretary

Membership + Parent Involvement

Membership Master Plan

The 9 editable forms included along with the 31 page guide are the true gold of this membership kit.  Customize the ready to print forms and letters to boost membership like never before!

Room Parent Manual

This 30 page starter kit takes all the guesswork out of putting an effective room parent program in place that turns parents into some of your PTO's best PR people.  

Membership Binder Kit

11 Page of organizing tool to get organized and save time.

Meeting Reminder Stickers

Get teachers to help remind parents by putting a sticker on each student to remind parents about the PTA/PTO meeting.


 Finance +Fundraising

Fundraising Formula Guide

The 49 pages of this must-have guide includes a 6 month timeline for fundraising success!  If your PTO needs to get off the fundraising struggle bus, this kit has just the ticket.

Fundraising Binder Kit

11 page binder system to get organized in no time at all.

"A Thon" Fundraiser Kit

Learn how to hold A-thon fundraisers with this printable kit that has 7 editable files ready to help you raise a ton of money!  Customize the letters and flyers with your event information and follow the step by step system to earn more than ever before!

Treasurer's Finance Manager

Drastically cut down on the amount of time you're spending on managing your PTO's finances with this complete manager!  Pull profit reports with two clicks.  Watch as the year-to-date spending in your Budget Spreadsheet updates automatically as you enter in new transactions in the Register.  Rejoice at not having to do any math because this program takes care of that for you!

Treasurer's Planner

You will love how easy this kit makes it to stay organized as a Treasurer.  The printable forms and lists are the secret to spending less time managing PTO money.  Put together an organized Treasurer's binder with no trouble with this printable kit. 


Calendar of Events Template

Keep your community in the loop with this fully designed and editable Word and Pages template.

Family Events Binder Kit

11 pages of everything needed to get an organized binder together in minutes!



Newsletter Template

Smartly designed fully editable newsletter template in Word and Pages.


What's the difference between the Complete Collection and the Essential Collection?

The Complete Collection is a comprehensive group of every guide, form and binder kit that I offer and includes all of the Essential Collection resources.  The Essential Collection is a smaller group of fundamental resources every PTA/PTO should have.

Can't I just find some of this information for free in the internet?

If you spend hours scouring the internet, you're sure to find some of it....  

But the rest of the strategies, ideas and advice?  That all comes from over a decade of being a PTO leader and volunteer with multiple groups!  

This collection gives you all of those years of experience and knowledge instantly! 


What's special about this collection?

Beyond the time savings and increased confidence that comes with knowledge you'll see when managing your PTO, the collection comes with a very special price!
If purchased separately, it'd cost $286 to get all 17 of the resources included in this collection!

Why such a big discount if it's all so good?

You're doing your very best to spend as much money as possible directly on the kids and your school, so providing the special price is important to me.   Plus, I know these products are what you need and I want them to be affordable for every PTO.   

You're Determined to Make Your PTA/PTO Work...

This Collection is Going to Help You Do Just That!

Get it right now so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips!  


Kind words about this collection from other PTA/PTO leaders:

Thanks for helping keep me organized! Exactly what I needed, such a time saver! - Val M.

The planner is a great starting point to organizing our board. The FB group is also an amazing companion to this planner. Well thought through, and easily customized to our needs. - Steph M.

Being organized from the start is going to help out so much! Looking forward to this year! - Renee


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