Now's the time to start planning and get organized for the 2020-2021 school year!

ultimate a-thon fundraiser toolkit and template kit
fundraising guide for walkathons
fundraising guide for walkathons
how to hold an a-thon fundraiser
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Ultimate PTA / PTO "A Thon" Fundraiser Tool Kit

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Stressed about handling the A-Thon Fundraiser for your PTA / PTO? 

Worried you’re missing out on the steps for fundraising success?
Overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
Wondering how to word the flyers, sign ups and other event forms to get people to participate?

Maybe you can relate to…
… Hobbled together forms and scraps of paper with no real system in place
... Disappointing participation rates.
...Trying to piece together and recreate how last year's event coordinator pulled off the event.

It’s Possible for You to Have All of the Essential Tools Right at Your Fingertips

...Higher participation (aka donation- ka-ching-  rates)!
...Stress-free fundraising using a super organized system that takes care of all the details.
...Super easy event coordinator transition since the forms can be used year after year!

Created from years of success, the Ultimate "A-Thon" Fundraiser Tool Kit will give you the exact plan to follow for big fundraising wins! 

Included in this Ultimate PTA/PTO A-Thon Fundraiser Toolkit is everything you'll need (except for the volunteers!) to run a wildly successful fundraiser!

No matter if it's a walk, run, bike, read or math a-thon, this is the kit that has what you need to run a successful event!

Inside you'll find six essential fully editable forms (five you'd expect, plus one that is absolutely KEY to raising lots more in a crazy simple way!) along with a tracking spreadsheet that is all set up to go:

1. Permission Form
2. Pledge Sheet
3. Reminder Form
4. Pledge Reminder Form
5. Follow Up Form (aka the Secret Sauce money making form).
6. Walk-a-Thon Tracking Spreadsheet

All of the forms are fully editable and customizable!  

Plus there's also instructions for how to use each form and tips for running your Walk/Bike or Run A-thon fundraiser as well!

This fundraising guide is for parent volunteers who are new to the fundraising role as well as PTA / PTO groups who want to wildly increase profits.

Instead of giving half or more of your profits to a fundraising company, put on the event yourself and save massively!

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given after purchase. Please contact me at christina@ptoanswers with any questions!