Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit
Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit

Black and White PTA PTO President's Success Kit

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 Do you dream of being the most organized, confident and put together PTO/PTA President who has everyone else wondering how you do it all?

Being President is hard.

There's lots to keep track of.  

Problems pop up that just can't be anticipated.

Dream no more...

Be *that* PTO Leader who really does have it all together!

Picture this:
Having a single go to binder that has all you need...

No more digging through your PTO bag...

Effortlessly being able to find the right information exactly when you need it...

Christina Hidek of PTO Answers

I’m Christina Hidek
and Founder of PTO Answers

I’m an 8 year PTA volunteer and past President, Fundraising chair, Family Events chair and Membership chair (to name just a few positions I’ve held over the years).

I’m also a professional organizer.  And I know how to get stuff done.

People come to me all the time asking how to do things- whether or not it’s my expertise, because I know how to find the right answer and create an effective plan and strategy to follow.

And all things PTA/PTO are definitely in my area of expertise!


The President's Success Kit was created out of years of running multiple PTAs 

I know what it takes to be a successful President because I was one!  

At the end of my term, my Principal was begging me to stay on.  Teachers raved that they had never seen the PTA run so well.

Through my years of volunteering, I’ve come to realize that majority of parent volunteers are just not equipped with the right information to successfully lead their PTA / PTO.

Everything I used as President, plus everything I wished I had is all in this comprehensive kit

All of the forms...  

All of the lists...

All of the trackers...

Everything you need to make event planning, officer transitions and fundraising easier than you've ever imagined!  

The President's Success Kit makes it possible to get organized in mere minutes.

Here’s what you get with the fillable and ready to print PTA / PTO President's Planner that’s customized for the 2019-2020 school year:

145 pages of pure printable organizing bliss

Set up instructions
Get your planner set up and customized in mere minutes!

Binder Cover

Section Divider Pages
Provides the structure for the binder! Find exactly what you need in a jiffy and keep the binder organized.

Monthly Planning Calendar
2019-2020 24 month calendar with motivational quotes
Get a big picture idea of upcoming events for your PTO, school district, community and more!
Each day’s box is a generous size for ample writing room.

10 Beautiful Inspirational Quote Pages
Pretty up your planner with these great pages!

Board Member + Officer Summary + Committee Summary
Eliminate any guessing as to specific job responsibilities when not only that information is captured on these sheets, but also the how and when, with other essential information.
Quit re-creating the wheel each year now that the right information is passed down!

Event Planner + Event Summary + Event Budget Planner
Write down all of the little details that do into planning and executing every event so you won’t have to rely on memory to recreate the success!
Know exactly what went into the event for the smallest of details (you know, the ones that really make or break an event).
Future event planners won’t be guessing anything since everything will be documented for them!

Idea tracking sheets for assemblies, fundraisers, family events + more
Capture ideas on a labeled sheet so you can plan it and develop a deep idea bank.

Volunteer Sign Up Form
Pass around this streamlined sign up sheet at the next meeting with the essential information volunteers need to know in order know if they can help or not.

Officer & Committee Chair Contact List
Get all of your PTO leader’s contact information in one place.

Contact List
Have all of the information for other frequently contacted people (think your building Principal, Superintendent, PTO leaders at other schools in the district, and community partners) right at your fingertips!

Meeting Childcare Sign In
This sign in sheet provides an easy way to track who is using the childcare option during meetings and events, if offered. Simply print and have on hand for when it’s needed!

Event Toolkit Checklists
Two check lists forms. One is filled out with the suggested items to include in every toolkit and one is blank, ready for your customization.

Membership List
Have members’ names and contact information right at your fingertips!

Account and Passwords Tracker
Save time by having all of your group’s account information listed in one place!

To Do List
Stay on top of tasks with this essential planner page.

President's Annual Planner
Detailed list of exactly what to do each month!

Monthly Reminders
Keep tabs on not only what to do, but when to do it!

Goal Tracker
Set goals and map out how your PTA/PTO will reach them!

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets
Print extra copies of these sheets to have on hand for meetings and give potential volunteers all the information they need to know if they can volunteer!

Meeting Notes, Summer Planning Meeting Notes and Note Pages
Capture every thought and get rid of the random pieces of paper. Have everything in one place! These pages of the planner are super cute and matches the rest of the planner.

** Everything INSTANTLY downloadable 8 ½ x 11 PDF forms in a ZIP file that can be printed as many times as you’d like for use with your group!

Note that this kit isn’t editable (no moving around columns, and such) , but it is fillable, meaning you can use Adobe or Preview to type in information before printing! How awesome is that? 

Nothing will be mailed to you. This product is a digital download.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given after purchase. Please contact me at christina@ptoanswers with any questions!

This kit is also available in a color format with gorgeous floral graphics.


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