fundraising guide for pto pta
fundraising guide for pto pta
fundraising guide for pto pta
fundraising guide for pto pta
fundraising guide for pto pta

Fundraising Formula

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I know what you're thinking: Why the $*%& did I agree to be Fundraising Chair for my PTO?!?!?

Yep, that's pretty much what I was thinking shortly after I agreed to be Fundraising Chair for my PTO, a few years ago!

I was stressed out and afraid of disappointing everyone.  What if I picked a bad fundraiser and I didn't hit the fundraising goal?  Worse yet, what if I picked a really big loser and we had to cancel events because the PTO could no longer afford it?

I was terrified of being a loser.  

I'd never done fundraising before.  Sure, I'd sold Girl Scout cookies when I was 10, but I no longer had my little girl charms to help me sell things any more.  I'm just not that cute and I knew it!

So instead of totally losing my sh*t and quitting to self-sabotage, I created a plan.  Then I followed my plan, but afterwards, I went back through and figured out all the little mistakes I'd made.  And  looked for opportunities where I could've done better.  Where I could've made more money.  Or made the process easier  with less stress.

And then I wrote it all down.  For not only my PTO, but also for you and yours.   Because I don't want you to struggle with the uncertainty and stress like I did.

Let me tell you about the system I created: the Fundraising Formula!

Worried you’re missing out on the steps for fundraising success?
Wish you had a comprehensive guide to keep everything organized?

Maybe you can resonate with some of the following…
… Not having an effective fundraising strategy
… Wasting time figuring out the little stuff
… Wishing there is an easier way

It’s Possible for You to Have an Easy and Clear Fundraising Strategy that Works

Imagine being able to…

… Have success without all the stress
… Avoid getting hit with unexpected costs
… Follow a detailed timeline and proven strategy that works

I’m Christina Hidek,
Founder of PTO Answers

I’m an 8 year PTA volunteer and past President, Fundraising chair, Family Events chair and Membership chair, to name a few positions I’ve held.

I’m also a professional organizer in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

And I know how to get stuff done.

People come to me all the time asking how to do things- whether or not it’s my expertise, because I know how to find the right answer and create an effective plan and strategy to follow.

But all things PTA/PTO are definitely in my area of expertise!

The Fundraising Formula was created out of years of PTA fundraising experience

I’ve spent 8 years as a PTA volunteer leader helping parents seeing what mistakes being made in the fundraising process and creating strategies to avoid these mistakes.

What I’ve realized is this: the majority of PTA/PTO leaders are not equipped with the right information to lead successful fundraising campaigns.

The Fundraising Formula for PTO/PTAs will help you take all of your stress and uncertainty about fundraising and transform it into a strategic fundraising plan.

This must-have 49 page printable guide has all the essential details you'll need to be wildly successful including:

*** When to hold a fundraiser (and when not to hold one!)

*** How to pick the right fundraiser (plus mistakes to avoid!)

*** Incentives and prizes (what works and what's a waste!)

*** How many fundraisers to have each year (yes, there is a formula!)

*** Detailed timeline for the most successful fundraiser (never be in a time crunch again!)

*** The right way to get teachers + staff involved (so, so many groups miss the mark on this!)

*** Other fundraising tips and best practices


All the ready to print checklists and fundraising planning sheets you'll need, including:

*** Fundraiser Ideas Planning Sheet (you won't be overwhelmed when choosing a the right fundraiser!)

*** Fundraiser Tracker (see exactly how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal!)

*** Fundraiser Expense Tracker essential to see just how much money your PTO will pocket!)

*** Volunteer sign up sheet (makes it easy to get help for pick up night or running your event-based fundraiser!)

*** Publicity checklist (don't leave money on the table by not having the right PR plan!)

*** Publicity Weekly Planner (essential for an effective fundraising campaign!)

*** Fundraising Planner (Leave no detail out of your plan!)

*** Contact List (no more searching through emails for the right information!)

*** Fundraising Committee Tracker (effectively use your helpers!)

*** Fundraiser Checklist (you won't overlook anything!)

*** Classroom Participation Tracker (easy prize and incentive tracking!)

*** Fundraiser Planner + Summary (detail what worked and what didn't work to make next year's fundraising even more successful!)

*** Sample Donation Request Letter (increase donations with the perfect ask!)

*** Sample Donation Acknowledgment Letter (set the stage for next year's fundraising request)

*** Payment request and deposit forms (Your Treasurer will love you!)

** Everything is available as INSTANTLY downloadable 8 ½ x 11 PDF forms that can be printed as many times as you'd like for use with your group!


This guide is for parent volunteers who are new to the fundraising role as well as PTA / PTO groups who want to wildly increase their fundraising profits.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given after purchase. Please contact me at christina@ptoanswers with any questions!